Why window treatments are so expensive

Why window treatments are so expensive

In all the time I’ve worked as an interior designer in Melbourne I can’t remember ever specifying ready made curtains or blinds. I admire people who confidently go to Spotlight and buy curtains and rods and tiebacks etc. In my experience I found the technical aspects of choosing, making and hanging window treatments is best left to the experts. Which is why window treatments are so expensive. But let’s explore this further.

What is a window treatment

A window treatment is simply how you treat or dress a window. Of course this could be a curtain, a blind, shutters and any variation of these options. For example a sheer curtains with a black out curtain. Or a sheer and black out blind combo.

Some clients like automated window treatments and others need outdoor options. But there are three basic functional reasons for window treatments.

Three key reasons to install a window treatment

Firstly, window treatments can address privacy. If your home or especially an apartment is in close proximity to a neighbour then having a blind or curtain on your windows can offer you some privacy. Privacy is important to feel at peace in your home. You don’t want to feel like someone is looking in, this can feel unsettling.

Secondly, they can correct light issues in the space. If the space gets too much light a sheer can filter this. Both in north and west facing spaces that get bright morning sun and intense afternoon sun.

Thirdly, window treatments can control the temperature in a space. When I think of this reason for window treatments, I think of the colourful external shutters in beautiful old southern European apartments.

Blinds, curtains or shutters can impact the temperature. They can keep a space cool when closed and in the winter keep the space warm to ensure the heating in your home is effective.

Why window treatments are expensive

When buying custom window treatments there are a few things to consider. Importantly they are custom made to you. This is a unique solution for you and your space. You don’t get this unique solution with ready made window treatments.

What this means is that the fabric, type of window treatment, heading, tie backs, hanging mechanism etc is all selected for you and your window.

Another reason custom window treatments are expensive is that they are made locally. Which means your supplier pays minimum Australia labour fees to have your window treatments manufactured.

Fabric, especially for a quality curtain can be expensive. We’ve had our curtains in our front living space for twenty years. And you can’t tell from looking at the fabric that they’re twenty years old. That’s because of the quality of the fabric.

Ideally, a good quality custom window treatment will last you at least ten years. When you get a quote divide this amount by at least ten years and then ask if it’s expensive? Most ready made options will not stand the test of time.

I’m a big believer of buying the best quality you can afford and it would be a disservice to my clients if I specified ready made window treatments given the investment they’ve made to the space by choosing to work with me. Fundamentally quality materials and service are worth paying for.

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