Why your build renovation can never be perfect

Why your build renovation can never be perfect

Working with clients I understand that they have high expectations when engaging with an interior designer and other trades people I recommend. They’re making a huge investement and want to create their dream home but it’s important to manage expectations. Here’s why your build renovation can never be perfect.

No such thing as a perfect build renovation

While the outcome will achieve the client’s aesthetic apsiration, the best you can hope for with a build renovation is that it goes smoothly and trouble shooting any problems is swift. The last thing you want to do is lose time on problems.

But problems do come up in a build renovation. I make it clear to clients that if there is a problem we will find a solution. Usually the solution is better than the original idea or specifications.

What clients need to understand is that a build renovation has many unknowns. When working on a project we don’t know what’s underneath the floor, in the ceiling, behind the walls. We don’t know the little quirky things about your house.

For example, on my latest Southbank project the client commented on the tile splashback. I specified a large format tile which the client approved but they thought the splashback would be one slab and complained about the grout lines.

They also commented on the location of the toilet, even though in the plans and the first meeting with the builder they were informed it can’t be moved.

Lots of trades and miscommunication

Another reason why your build renovation can’be be perfect is the sheer number of trades people and the inevitability of miscommunication.

For example, in my own apartment renovation I advised the electrician where to put a new power point in the kitchen but he ended up putting it in the wrong location.

We had to find a solution by drilling a hole in the cabinetry. Not ideal but there was a miscommunication. It happens and the key is for the trades people to acknowledge, take responsibility, fix it and not charge you for the fix.

Your builder nor your interior designer can’t be on site every day and there are many trades people that will be required to complete a build renovation. Sometimes they don’t understand instructions, and sometimes they don’t read the plans or the spec sheet which are always onsite. And sometimes they make assumptions.

By simply understanding that people such as trades make mistakes, will ensure that your managing your expectations. Despite this your interior designer and builder will work hard to ensure you will have a successful outcome regardeless of any issues that may arise.

I understand that a build renovtion is a massive deal for my clients. Firstly, because it’s costly, secondly because clients are wanting to create their dream home and thirdly, it’s probably a once in a life time renovation. So they want it to be perfect. But understanding why your build renovation can never be perfect is a good first step to a successful, beautiful and functional outcome

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