The best white colour cabinetry for your perfect kitchen

The best white colour cabinetry for your perfect kitchen

White kitchen cabinetry remains favoured about many people who are renovating and making selections for a new kitchen. Some people think white is an easy and safe choice. And choosing another colour can be overwhelming. So how do you choose the right white colour for your kitchen cabinetry.

Your interior style goal and your colour scheme

Without doubt the first thing you should do when selecting colour for your kitchen is to decide on your interior style goal and colour scheme.

The reason for this is that some interior styles lend themselves to some well known white colours than others.

For example, for a Hamptons kitchen, I would look at warm whites first such as Natural White by Dulux. And for a Scandinavian style kitchen I might look at cool white such as White on White by Dulux.

Your interior style goal will help you narrow down the options.

Warm and cool whites

Depending on your kitchen cabinetry finish you might only have the choice of white from the supplier’s range. For example, if you’re using Polytec or Laminex. There are a limited range of whites to choose from these suppliers’ ranges.

If you’ve chosen a two pack kitchen and need to advise the tradesperson what white then I would first decide if you want a cool white or a warm white.

To help you with this decision you need to factor in your interior style goal, the natural and artificial light the space receives and the other colours in your colour scheme.

Natural and artificial light

If your space receives a lot of natural light then I suggest looking at a cool white first. If it doesn’t then of course look at warm whites to add the warmth you’re not getting from natural light.

The artificial light is also an important consideration. Both how much and what colour the light gives. Have you selected cool white down lights or warm white down lights? Similar consideration with any pendants you might select for your ktichen counter.

If the artificial light selection is warm white, then this might direct your choice in a warm white for your kitchen cabinetry.

Your overall colour scheme

To help you choose the right white for your kitchen cabinetry, consider the overall colour scheme for your home. Again it could be as simple as deciding if your colours are warm or cool.

Warm colours include brown, beige, red, yellow and cool colours include grey, blue, green. Your metallic accent will play a role in which white you select for your kitchen cabinetry too.

Have you chosen a cool metallic accent such as silver or chrome or a warm metallic such as brass or gold?

Selecting one specification for your kitchen such as the colour for your cabinetry can’t be done in isolation to the other specifications of the kitchen such as floor, countertop, splashback and so on.

So hopefully the ideas above have been helpful in at least giving you a direction for narrowing down all the different white colour options for the best white colour cabinetry for your perfect kitchen.

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