What are interior design specifications?

What are interior design specifications?

Interior designers and related professionals such as architects use words that may not be easily understood by the public.  But many people in the community have a good understanding of certain interior design terms such as ‘flow of movement’. 

I think that’s due to TV programs dedicated to interior design, renovations and homewares.  But there is one term which remains a mystery – that is ‘specifications’.  What are interior design specifications?

In the first stage of a project, the brief stage, I ask my clients many questions relating to colour, materials, textures, and patterns.  All this information tells me what to specify in the design and concept stage of the project. 

Another way to explain it is that interior design specifications are a list of fittings, fixtures, furniture and furnishings.

Fittings, Fixtures, Furniture and Furnishings

AAMI insurance explain the difference between fittings and fixtures but let’s take a look at a living room for example.  My specifications list could include a fitting such as pendant lights or window treatments such as curtains.  A fixture might be carpet, something that is permanently fixed to the space.

Then we list in our specifications document, furniture such as a sofa and coffee table.  Followed by, furnishings such as cushions, rugs and throw.  The list is very detailed.  It includes all the information about each item.  Such as the retailer, the name of the product, the dimensions, costs, stock availability and so on.

Because I want to clearly illustrate what specifications are, I have included a standard list for the most common spaces below;

Living Room Interior Design Specifications

1) Sofa
2) Coffee table
3) Other misc pieces; eg: arm chair/s, ottomans, side table/s, console table
4) Rug
5) Cushions
6) Throw
7) TV unit
8) Other storage eg shelving, sideboard
9) Lighting (floor, table, ceiling)
10) Wall treatment
11) Floor treatment
12) Art
13) Window treatments
14) Accessories and décor

Master Bedroom Interior Design Specifications

1) Bedhead or bed frame
2) Bedside tables
3) Bedside table lamps
4) Bench
5) Rug
6) Other storage piece eg drawers
7) Lighting (floor, table, ceiling)
8) Wall treatment
9) Floor treatment
10) Art
11) Window treatments
12) Accessories and décor

Basically, a specifications document is a detailed list to help inform clients of all the pieces to realise their vision.  All these details helps them make an informed decision whether to go ahead and purchase these items.  Also, the interior design specifications document provides an important opportunity for clients to provide feedback.

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