Tips to style a table with beautiful colours

Tips to style a table with beautiful colours

If you’re over neutral colours and want to liven up your place with colour, then locking in a colour scheme is key to beautiful styling. Especially when it comes to your coffee or dining table. The basic rule of a successful colour scheme starts with selecting three colours. The next rule is balancing your pieces. So here are some tips to beautifully style a table based on your favourite colours.

How to select a colour scheme

You can select a colour scheme independent from choosing an interior style goal for your home but ideally, they go hand in hand.

Some interior styles such as Hamptons will have a traditional colour scheme with three colours. Such as white, blue, and taupe. Similarly, with Scandinavian style a good colour scheme with three colours could be white, grey, and taupe.

But to personalise your space you can select a colour scheme based on your favourite colour. For example, red, then research ‘red colour schemes’ and see what combinations come up and choose one.

Balance when styling objects on a coffee table

Balance is key when styling objects of colour on a coffee table or dining table. When adding objects to a coffee table or dining table you’re creating what interior designers call a vignette.

Technically a vignette is a picture, with styling objects a vignette becomes a scene. And a scene like a good picture is about balance with the right number of objects, at the right heights, widths, and shapes.

For a coffee table start your colourful vignette with three objects. An odd number of objects works better than an even number of objects. Start with three and if you’re confident go for five.

Work with the same shape of your coffee table. For example, if your coffee table is rectangular or round add a round or rectangular tray as a ‘home’ for your colourful objects. Then add three objects in your preferred colour scheme.

For example, if your colour scheme is green, red, orange start with a red glass vase. An orange pot plant and a green book. Or choose three books in your preferred colour scheme as your home base and add a colour of the same object on top for an easy, colour blocking effect that is balanced.

Style a dining table with colour

Styling a dining table for a dinner party is different to styling an empty dining table purely for aesthetics.

The easiest way to style your dining table for aesthetics is by using a colourful tray, vase and flowers in your preferred colour scheme and you’re done.

For a dinner party start with a colourful tablecloth or placemats. Your plates and serviettes can also carry through your colour scheme.

For example, using the colour scheme above of red, green, orange, you can have orange drinking glasses, green ceramic plates, and red serviettes.

These key tips to style a table with beautiful colours is based on a colour scheme using three colours. And balance achieved through an odd number of items all within the same heights, widths, and shapes to create a personal and colourful vignette.

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