Top 3 tips for awesome interior photos of your home

Top 3 tips for awesome interior photos of your home

I had a photoshoot this week with Lisbeth Grosmann from Grosmann Photography.  It was for a residential project I recently completed in the Docklands. Over the years, I’ve learnt more and more about photography for interiors. Here are my top 3 tips for awesome interior photos.

Tip 1 – 2D thinking of a 3D space

I understand the secret behind a great interior photoshoot is that spaces are 3D. A space is alive with light, shadow, colour, texture, form and all the other elements that go into interior design.  Whereas, photos are 2D and that’s where the challenge is.

When you take a photo of an interior, you can see gaps and imperfections that you don’t see in person.  So my first tip is use the grid function on your camera and look for gaps.

Each grid should be occupied. For example if you take a picture of a living room and have a floor lamp on the right hand side you need to balance out the height on the left. You can do this with a plant for example.

Tip 2 – Styling for Photography with props

In another photoshoot I had of a residence in Coburg, it took us one whole hour just to get the hero shot.  There’s lots of shifting in a photoshoot.  Sometimes just by moving a chair or cushion a few centimetres one way or another makes all the difference.

Behinds the scenes of a photoshoot, placement of objects is important.  For example, in real life you would have a vase in the centre of a dining table but in this shoot of a Scandinavian apartment I designed in St.Kilda East we had to place the vase off centre for the picture to be balanced.

grace interior designs
Off centre vase, Minimal Scandinavian, Apartment, Grace Interior Designs

Balance in photography is different to balance in interior design.  So you might need to change your styling to make the photo work. Start minimally and add pieces depending on how the shot looks through the grid in your camera.

Tip 3 – Get to know the lighting function of your camera

While the grid and placement of objects is important for awesome interior photos so is lighting. Sometimes a lot of sunlight isn’t good, it overwhelms the shot. Sometimes you need to set your camera to night to use a slower exposure.

With my camera I have learnt that by placing my grid in the centre of the focal point, for example a sofa, and by tapping the screen, the camera automatically adjust for the light. This can make all the difference and avoid any editing.

I think that sometimes photoshoots can be tedious. But these tips for awesome interior photos have helped me. As well as looking at every micro detail. Trying to iron out creases. Move items a bit this way or that.

Styling for photography is about capturing the essence of the client’s design story. Interior photos are about showcasing pieces and materials, colours and textures. They’re also about demonstrating interior design talent, skill and expertise.

Taking awesome interior photos is important for my work and with a little tweaking you can also create great images of your home to share. For more tips on styling for your home click here.

Cover Image – Photo by Dicky Jiang on Unsplash

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