Timber panelling for your home and style

Timber panelling for your home and style

I’m working with a client whose style is a bit Eclectic and a bit Boho which I’m loving. It provides me with an opportunity to be more creative and more risky with my design ideas and solutions. So I’m considering all sorts of interesting colours, patterns and materials, including timber panelling. These days there is a timber panelling option for every style.  Here’s how I’ve used it in my project work.

Timber Panelling for Classic Styles

You could argue that timber panelling is made for classic styles such as French or Hamptons styles due to its origins. The origins of timber panelling or wainscoting can be traced back to the 1500s. Historically, this makes sense as the use of hard wood in homes at this time was the material of choice for a variety of reason, primarily accessibility and ease of use.

The flexibility of timber to be crafted into highly decorative features such as timber panelling and parquetry is well known. So, timber panelling became a common way to add a decorative feature to one’s house.

Timber panelling has the benefits of materiality, warmth, texture, pattern and colour. It also adds depth and in classic styles helps to communicate the design story of formality, and refinement.

I recently used the Ascot Easy Craft panelling as a feature wall for a client’s bedroom. His style goal was a combination of classic, modern and contemporary. In his bedroom I wanted a more sophisticated, classic and refined aesthetic.

Painting the timber panelling a dark grey and pairing it with velvet, a hard wood bedside table and marble and gold table lamps, worked together to deliver my client’s style goal.

Timber Panelling for Industrial Styles

For another client I’m doing a colour consultation for, we are considering timber panelling. This client’s style goal is a mix of Industrial and Mid-Century Modern and they’re interested in livening up their walls.

We initially talked about just painting their wall a blue or mustard colour. But then something interesting happened, we started talking about wallpaper and timber panelling. So, now I’m thinking of using colour, wallpaper and timber panelling to liven up my client’s walls.

There are many different types of timber panelling for all sorts of styles and for Industrial you could use something on trend such as fluted timber panels but I’m thinking about using Easycraft’s Groove profile.

My vision is for the bottom half the wall to be a blue timber panel and the top half of the wall will be mustard wallpaper. Using timber panelling this way is so much more interesting than just using a colour on a plaster wall.

Timber Panelling for Coastal Styles

Timber panelling works well in Coastal styles. Coastal styles are all about relaxed vibes and a welcoming feel and the timber panels communicate this aesthetic. There is such a range of timber panels to achieve a range of Coastal styles from traditional, rustic, to modern.

Timber panels really tap into the nautical theme of Coastal styles and can be styled well with rope décor, coastal prints and so on.

Again you can also use colour on the timber panels, as well as traditional hard wood. Painted timber panels that have a decorative profile can elevate any space. In a Coastal style house you may even choose distressed timber panels for a more rustic effect.

Walls make up the largest volume of surface in your home, so it’s worth taking the time to think beyond paint. Even beyond colour by adding some depth and texture to your home through timber panelling for your home and style.

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