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Simple interior design layering tips – an interior designer’s guide

This week I had a photoshoot for an apartment interior styling project I completed late last year. The client’s style goal could be defined as a bright boho style. But her style was rooted in […]

Classic Hamptons Dining Furniture Package

Hamptons Dining Room – Shop the Look How to create a Hamptons dining room The appeal of Hamptons interior style is in the proportions of the furniture. The furniture is large, generous and comfortable. The […]

Sofa buying guide – 4 interior designer tips

When I start working with clients on any project, I ask a lot of questions. Almost always when I ask about furniture the client will tell me they want something that is comfortable. My response […]

Buying furniture when moving out of home

Moving out of home is so exciting. I couldn’t wait to have my own place with the furniture that I wanted. A place that reflected my own style and personality and not my parents’ questionable […]