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Luxe Velvet Bedroom Furniture Package

Luxe velvet bedroom – Shop the Look Buy these key pieces to make this Luxe bedroom furniture package work in your own home. How to create a Luxe bedroom In this Luxe velvet bedroom furniture […]

Luxe Dining Room Furniture Package

Luxe dining room furniture package – Shop the Look How to create a Luxe dining room I think with Luxe interior style material, colour, shape and texture are really important.  Interior design elements that ensure […]

Luxe Living Furniture Package – Green Velvet Sofa

Luxe living room – Shop the Look How to create a Luxe living room I fell in love with the lush, deep green velvet sofa in this luxe living room furniture pacakge.  I wanted to […]

A few of my favourite homewares for 2021

This week we began purchasing pieces for a client of mine in Bundoora, Victoria.  And I noticed there were a couple of pieces that I keep coming back to and recommending for clients.  So I […]

What to expect when working with an interior designer

I received feedback from a client this week, they expressed their thoughts about what they expected from working with me.  Their expectations were different from the nature of the service I was providing.  Different again […]

For & against open plan living

At the heart of every interior design project is function.  What is the space used for.  When I work with clients, I also ask who uses the space?  What time of the day and how […]