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Why laminate is a great alternative to engineered stone

Why laminate is a great option

Interior design elements

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the interior design tips available online, in books and TV etc and I thought why aren’t we talking about the seven interior design elements and five interior […]

The Block Room Reveals

I’m not a huge fan of reality TV, except Masterchef. I do like watching shows likes Restoration Australia and Grand Designs but one show I will not watch is The Block. I know a lot […]

Flow of movement for your rooms

Interior design isn’t only about beautiful furniture and furnishings.  It’s essentially about people and how people use a space.  How people interact and engage with all the element of a space from the furniture to […]

Over capitalising on your home renovations

This week I spoke to a prospective client in Frankston.  They want to renovate or refurbish their home.  This includes the usual updates such as kitchen and bathroom.  But they were also talking about ‘opening […]

Making a house a home

This week I went shopping with a client.  Admittedly it’s not something I usually do. But since staring this project in March my client and I have become friends and our homewares shopping trip was […]