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Difference between a concept & mood board

When I present a concept slash mood board, for my clients it includes actual pieces. Not pieces for illustrative or ‘conceptual’ purposes.  In Australian interior design language the words ‘concept’ and ‘mood board’ are used […]

Living & Dining Room Tour

Every room design I create is special. This particular project was special because I was working on it during COVID lock downs. Therefore, this project is especially important because it kept me busy and sane […]

Renovation budget ideas, hacks and DIY

There are many people who are looking for budget solutions, hacks and want to DIY to save money. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. For example, a client I’m working with at the moment […]

Boho Dining Room Furniture Package

Boho Dining Room Furniture Package – Shop the Look What makes Boho interior style so appealing is the variety. A variety of textures, materials and patterns in a neutral colour scheme so that there is […]

Why window treatments are so expensive

In all the time I’ve worked as an interior designer in Melbourne I can’t remember ever specifying ready made curtains or blinds. I admire people who confidently go to Spotlight and buy curtains and rods […]