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Working with lots of interior colours

This week I had a meeting with a client in Glen Iris. We were talking about the colour scheme for the project. The project is a full house renovation. As usual I asked for a […]

One colour scheme for the entire home

Colour is a big challenge for most clients. How to choose a colour scheme. Which colour to paint their walls, and should each room have a different colour scheme are the most common questions. The […]

Using Colour in Your Space

I’m not afraid of using colour on the walls in my interior design solutions for the right client, in the right circumstances. The right circumstances for using colour in a space include what the client’s […]

Neutral colours don’t have to be boring

There are some clients who want neutral colour schemes because they think it’s easier to achieve.  What a neutral colour scheme is varies from person to person.  Some people think that an all white space […]

How to Apply a Colour Scheme – a designer’s tips

In my last post I offered three key tips on how to choose a colour scheme.  These included; basing a colour scheme around your favourite colour.  Alternatively, you could choose a colour scheme based on […]