Shabby Chic Dining Room Concept

Shabby Chic Dining Room Concept

French Provincial interior style is gorgeous.  It’s the little touches that make a statement such as the tufted buttons or quilting detail.  Curved lines such as the cabriole leg.  The charm of distressed or rustic pieces that give your space a sophisticated yet homely feel.  This week I created a classic Shabby Chic dining room concept.

The Focal Pieces

The dining table in French Provincial interior design has to be stunning and substantial.  The proportions are generous to communicate luxury and comfort.  The Marcus reclaimed dining table has all these features.  The fact that it’s reclaimed, also communicates that shabby chic feel that French Provincial style is famous for.

I really liked the Bergamo dining chair for the Marcus dining table.  It feels substantial enough to accompany this stunning table.  But I like the pattern of the stitching.  It’s a nice twist to the traditional tufted buttons and of course the neutral taupe colour ensures longevity.

The Complementary Pieces

I love love love the Willow Curve sideboard,  yes it is expensive but what a statement it makes.  The curved line is stunning and I love how the rattan keeps this piece shabby chic while the curved line elevates it at the same time.

I found a neutral rug with touches of blush colour and I chose an abstract pattern rather than a Persian style rug which is probably more common.

The pendant is also simple but stunning with more curved lines to repeat this line found in the sideboard.

To finish off this French Provincial mood board I added a white distressed effect wall clock.

My Favourite Piece

My favourite piece in this Shabby Chic dining room concept, is the Willow Curve sideboard.  It’s the type of piece that you keep in the family for generations.

You can easily and confidently re-create this look in your own home by purchasing the featured pieces below.

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