Selecting Tiles for a Kitchen Design Project

Selecting Tiles for a Kitchen Design Project

This week I visited a couple of my favourite tile suppliers (De Fazio Tiles & Stone and Luscombe Tiles) to select tiles for a kitchen design project for a client in Brunswick, Victoria.   I visit local suppliers first but sometimes I look online as well.

Colours and textures are difficult to fully grasp online. So, because tiles are key to any kitchen design project, I like to see samples in person.

Interior Design Strategy

I start every project defining a design strategy.  Talking in depth with my client I learn their style and colour preferences. This is defined in the Brief stage of the project. 

The design strategy for this client, is a style goal of Mid-Century Modern (MCM). With a colour scheme of grey, white, sage, and salmon.  A muted colour palette but interesting as well.

interior design

Interior design is a visual language.  When I see a colour, textures, or fabric I can visualise how to apply it.  For example, with this sage tile I see it applied in a stacked pattern rather than a typical brick pattern.

interior designer melbourne

The challenge comes in deciding which tile and which tile pattern is best suited to communicate a Mid-Century Modern style.  To be honest, I’m not sure yet.  This client is interested in a streamlined line MCM look rather than a kitschy MCM look. Knowing this detail will help me propose a recommendation.

What tile and tile pattern I recommend also depends on the counter top, colour of the cabinetry and handles etc.  In an open plan setting the adjacent zones, such as dining and living are also part of the decision making process.

Importance of a Moodboard

This is why a moodboard is so important.  A moodboard enables me to visualise my client’s kitchen and the overall open plan space cohesively and understand how all the specifications relate and work with each other.

When I select tiles for kitchen design projects there are numerous options. So, I like having a design strategy from the outset. If there is a choice to be made between option 1 and option 2, but option 2 suits an MCM style more then the decision is made easier.

Stay tuned for pics, updates and the eventual reveal for this kitchen design project.

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