How to create a Scandinavian dining room

How to create a Scandinavian dining room

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Of all the pieces in this Scandinavian dining room furniture package, the leather bench is my favourite piece because it’s so versatile.  It can be used in a dining room but also at the end of a bed in a Scandinavian styled bedroom setting.

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Scandinavian furniture package

The essence of Scandinavian interior design is found in the Modernist movement where form follows function.  So, simplicity is at the heart of this Scandinavian dining room furniture package.

Thre isn’t a lot of ornamentation in Scandinavian design, so material, shape, texture, pattern and line are key. These are the interior design elements I focused on to create this Scandinavian dining room furniture package.

At the centre of this Scandinavian dining room furniture package is the dining table.  It’s the clean lines and tapered legs of this piece that make it a good piece to build around.

Then I added two seating options both with pattern, and texture.  The dining chair has a rattan seat and the leather bench has a weave pattern.  Subtlety including pattern in a neutral space ensures warmth, depth and interest.

I like the buffet because of it is generous in proportion and achieves interest through the façade.  Like the bench and the dining chairs, this simple pattern, just adds a little something special to this piece.

Scandinavian interior style demands pattern, so I included a cream rug with a geometric pattern.  I also like the pendant light, although simply white, it is the shape and size that make this piece interesting in the mix.

Finally, to round of this Scandinavian dining furniture pacakge, I added a timber wall clock with white hands and a highly textured ceramic dining set, which I think gives this Scandinavian dining room mood board a homely feel.

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