Pros & cons of installing plantation shutters for a dream finish in your beautiful home

Pros & cons of installing plantation shutters for a dream finish in your beautiful home

Plantations shutters are window treatments. All window treatments serve a functional and aesthetic purpose. When I work with clients they are last thing we select after all the furniture has been installed. I know many people like plantation shutters, I’m not a fan, but here are the pros and cons of plantation shutters, to help you make the right decision for your home.

Role of window treatments

From an interior designer perspective window treatments have a role to play in any space. For example, they can improve or increase privacy to the space.

Another role of window treatments is temperature control. They can keep the sun out to reduce the heat the space gets. They can also ensure heating doesn’t escape through the windows during the winter when the heater is on.

They also perform an aesthetic function to communicate the interior style of the space and add texture, colour and pattern to a room.

About plantations shutters

It’s true I have a love hate relationship with plantation shutters. Firstly, I think they belong on the outside of the window. As we see them in southern European apartment settings.

Secondly, when used in Australia, they don’t make sense in colder climates such as in cities like Melbourne.

Thirdly, we tend to install them internally which means they open into the room, decreasing the volume of space. For this reason, I think they’re not as flexible as other window treatments that can serve the same functional role.

However, I understand that people like them, and to help you make an informed decision I have listed the top pros and cons for plantation shutters for you to consider.

Cons for plantation shutters

  • Reduces the sunlight a space receives, and there are other options to filter sun light
  • Gather dust
  • Outwood opening, comprising space. There’s a reason in southern European countries the shutters are on the outside.
  • Flat, one dimensional
  • All the horizontal lines and shadows
  • Can be expensive

Pros for plantation shutters

  • Clean finish
  • Suit Coastal styles
  • Good for northern facing rooms
  • Privacy, although other window treatments provide privacy too
  • Temperature control

Custom made versus ready made

If you’re set on installing plantation shutters in your home, I think it’s worth exploring both custom made and ready-made options.

For two key reasons; firstly, quality and secondly warranty. In all my years specifying window treatments it has been rare that I specify ready-made solutions.

Most rooms have little quirks, for example, uneven floor, property movement, uneven ceiling which can make installing ready made window treatments a little tricky.

However, I understand that budget is a consideration which is why I recommend looking at both options and getting prices.

My window treatments supplier once told me that DIY is a ‘false economy’ because people think they’re saving money but spend more fixing mistakes or replacing products due to substandard quality. Worth noting this advice from a 20 year veteran.

I hope my quick overview of the pros and cons of plantation shutters helps you make the right choice for your home.

One last tip, consider a combo of window treatments. That is shutters in some rooms and other window treatments in other rooms. This will add a little more interest to your home overall.

Cover photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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