Trend Alert – Plywood Kitchens

Trend Alert – Plywood Kitchens

Twice now in recent times clients have requested a plywood kitchen. A client in Preston introduced me to a plywood kitchen manufacturer in Brunswick. And another client in Moonee Ponds expressed interest in plywood drawer inserts and organisers. Which meant I had to do some research into plywood kitchens.

What is plywood?

Yes I Googled to find out what plywood is but I also referred to my builder who told me that plywood is laminated timber. So I asked him how that was different from traditional laminate or melamine kitchens and he explained that laminate is layers of engineered wood.

Whereas melamine is a manufactured wood. What’s the difference between engineered wood and manufactured wood. The construction process. Each are made slightly differently.

Plywood v laminated v 2 pack kitchens

As an interior designer I have an understanding of different materials and their quality. But I’m always guided by the warranty. Is the manufacturer prepared to stand by their product with a decent warranty?

Clients may have preference on what materials they want for their kitchen but budget, style, availability and other factors all contribute on what material is actually used.

It’s a good idea to do your own research as well as ask your kitchen designer or cabinet marker about the quality of the materials for your kitchen design project.

The aesthetic of plywood

Plywood has a particular look. It doesn’t suit all interior styles. It’s generally a flat profile timber or coloured look. It’s modern and minimal and mostly suits Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian or Industrial styled kitchens.

A plywood kitchen can be custom made or DIY’d. So there is a modular options similar to flat packs like Ikea. For an experience DIYer it could be a good option as assembly seems straightforward. However, I would always recommend working an experienced handyman or cabinet maker to assemble.


Plywood’s appeal

I can understand the appeal of plywood as it’s closer to hard wood than laminate or melamine and it’s a natural product but stylistically it seems limited. Laminex have realised this trend and produced a plywood laminated product for durability (especially in a wet area) and cleanliness.

Part of the process of a kitchen design project is choosing the right material. Trends, in their nature come and go, so it’s important to choose a material for your kitchen that suits your style goal and budget to ensure longevity.

It’s also key to remember that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. So if you’re thinking of selling in the future consider whether or no a plywood kitchen will be attractive to as many potential buyers as possible.

I love learning about new materials to present to clients but the classic that are known and trusted are always a good option for your kitchen design project.

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