The perfect dining chairs for an amazing dining room

The perfect dining chairs for an amazing dining room

One of the things I love about interior design or more specifically industrial (furniture) design, is how one feature can communicate clearly an interior style.  For example, the cabriole curved leg, says French Provincial. So there is a perfect dining chair for the style of your dining chair.

These features help you when you’re shopping for furniture for your home, but you need to know what features to look for and more importantly you need to know your interior style goal.

I’m hoping this post, (delivered in two parts), will help you to be clear about your interior style goal and what dining chair suits this style.  This week I’ll show you typical dining chairs for Hamptons, Boho, and French Provincial interior styles.

Next week, I’ll show you typical dining chairs for Industrial, Luxe, Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian interior styles.

Hamptons Interior Style – Dining Chair

In Australia, the U.S inspired Hamptons interior style has a cross over with other popular ‘coastal’ or ‘country’ styles such as French Provincial. Which is why this cross back dining chair is used in Hamptons interior style dining rooms in Australia, despite this style of chair being more French Provincial. But given that Hamptons and French Provincial have similarities, this chair works. 

Hamptons dining rooms can be either casual or more formal, this is a casual option.  Which I think suits our casual Australian lifestyle.

Boho Interior Style – Dining Chair

Boho interior style is also causal, earthy and sometimes carefree.  The textures and materials in Boho interior style are usually natural.  Which is why this rattan dining chair would suit your Boho dining room.

French Provincial Interior Style – Dining Chair

Like Hamptons interior style, French Provincial interior style can be formal or casual.  An ideal chair for a French Provincial dining room could be a Bentwood café style chair. 

It could also be a classic tufted button chair like below, with the classic cabriole curved shaped leg.

Looking at these three chairs, you can see, that their shape, colour, and materials communicates a particular style.  And while you might like all these chairs, to avoid confusion and expensive mistakes, it’s ideal to choose the chair that suits your overall interior style goal and colour scheme.

Once you know your style, it’s easier to find the perfect dining chair for your home.

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