Neutral Boho with Coastal Vibes

Neutral Boho with Coastal Vibes

We don’t see a lot of true Boho interior style in Australia but variations of Boho such as Coastal Boho are attractive, well liked and requested by clients. 

This month’s moodboard is Boho inspired and tries to be more authentic to Boho roots, with hints of coastal influences. 

Boho, obviously is short for bohemian.  A term used in the past to describe free thinkers, creatives, travellers and this interior style was a reflection of their many interests. 

For example, a Persian rug, an Art Deco arm chair, a Modern sofa, tribal sculptures all brought together cohesively. 

I think Eclectic is a more accurate description of this globally influenced style but Boho sounds good 😉. 

With this moodboard I’ve combined styles such as a Scandi inspired sofa and floor lamp, combined with a Balinese arm chairs, an oriental rug, Aztec inspired sculptures and coastal textures such as rattan and linen.  Working together due to the neutral coastal tones of beige and white.

Here are my favourite pieces;

Venga 3 Seater Sofa, Oyster

Maria Oriental Rug

Anteia Striped Throw

Maiara Breakfast Cushion

Anteia Striped Linen Throw

Mariah Cushion

I think the most practical piece is the Venga sofa which can be used in a Scandinavian style living room as well. My favourite piece is the Maiara Breakfast cushion. The most interesting piece is the Maria oriental rug which is a brave choice in a modern space.

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