Easily get a monochrome Scandinavian Living Room

Easily get a monochrome Scandinavian Living Room

Monochrome Scandinavian Living Room – Shop the Look

An easy to re-create monochrome Scandinavian living room.

How to create a monochrome Scandinavian living room

One thing I love about interior design is all the different interpretations of a particular style.  We know Scandinavian interior design works well with a neutral colour scheme but neutral can mean different things for different people. 

A neutral colour scheme could be grey, beige, white or black, white, grey.  I’ve taken the black, white, grey colour direction for this monochrome Scandinavian living room furniture package.

We begin with the focal piece of any living room, the sofa,  I selected a sofa for its slim line and grey colour.

To accompany the sofa is black coffee table, now we’ve introduced this colour, so we need to repeat this again in some other pieces.

A rug cements these focal pieces and here I’ve chosen the a geometric rug for its colours and lines.  The thin line replicates the slim line sofa but offers interest due to their varying directions.

To complement the focal piece, I have added a few more black pieces such as black cushions. These provide a really nice textural element as well as adding drama.

I’ve included the arched floor lamp, in black, to introduce a curved line. Which we see again in the ottoman and finally, but importantly the print which connnects stylistically in colour.

My favourites pieces in this monochrome Scandinavian living room furniture pacakge, are the sofa. Which is classic and a good long lasting purchase. 

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