Minimal Industrial Bedroom

Minimal Industrial Bedroom

To define a style, sometimes only takes one piece . In this buyable minimal industrial bedroom mood board the one piece that defines the style is the table lamp.

As an interior designer I’m always impressed by how just one piece can carry an entire space.  I wanted to create an industrial styled bedroom and all I needed to define this industrial mood board was the table lamp.

The Focal Pieces

For the focal piece I chose is the Mark Tuckey Slat Bed Head.  I love this piece so much.  It’s just beautiful, striking, timeless and oozes quality. It’s European oak, expertly crafted and minimal.

The Norman bedside table is labelled Scandinavian, but it works well in this industrial mood board. The reason why this bedside table can be used is because of the materials. The table’s construction includes metal, glass and wood. Of course the colour black has its place in an industrial space.

The Complementary Pieces

I chose the Frankland square cushions because they have a minimal pattern. That replicates the horizonal line pattern of the slat bed head. The colour of the cushions also picks up the wood tones.

It’s not shown in this inspo board but I think a charcoal 100% linen quilt cover from Bed Threads would work perfectly.

To cement this inspo board as industrial style I chose the Industrie table lamps. These lamps are ideal from a shape, colour and material perspective.

The art is gorgeous too and adds a shapely organic aesthetic.

I’ve also added some artificial plants. Which truly defines this industrial inspo board. I see this vase sitting on the bottom shelf of the side table. Bringing some life and warmth.

My Favourite Piece

This minimal industrial bedroom mood board is designed to be easily re-created in your own home. But my favourite piece is the bed head.

To buy this look click the links below.

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