How to get a minimal Industrial Bedroom with these key pieces

How to get a minimal Industrial Bedroom with these key pieces

Industrial Bedroom – Shop the Look

How to create an Industrial style bedroom

I love that sometimes it only takes one piece to communicate an interior style. In this minimal Industrial bedroom furniture package it is the table lamp.

So that’s why as an interior designer I’m always impressed by how just one piece can carry an entire space.  Also I wanted to create an Industrial styled bedroom and all I needed to define this as Industrial bedroom was the bedside table lamp.

I always start with the focal piece for any space and for this bedroom furniture package I chose a messmate timber bed. While simple, it’s expertly crafted and minimal. A stunning and striking piece in its own right.

The next piece I selected was the Norman bedside table. Due to the materials of this piece I think it works well in this Industrial furniture package.

Video explainer

I think the reason why this piece can be used is because this side table is constructed using industrial materials such as metal, glass and wood. Of course the colour black has its place in an Industrial space as well.

So, for the cushions I chose classic cow hide scatter cushions. For the colour, texture and pattern. The monochrome colour of the cow hide cushions is replicated in the artwork. Reptition is an important interior design element to achieve cohesion, balance and harmony.

To cement this shop the look bedroom as industrial style I chose the Industrie table lamps. These lamps are ideal from a shape, colour and material perspective.

Try adding your own individual touch with some artificial plants to bring life and warmth to your bedroom.

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