Mid-Century Modern Living room with orange accent

Mid-Century Modern Living room with orange accent

I’m fascinated by the colours of Mid-Century Modern (MCM) interior style.  They’re bright colours, like blue, orange, yellow and green.  With this week’s Mid-Century Modern living room mood board I wanted to celebrate these bright colours and chose orange as the accent.  It’s more terracotta, which is earthy and more suited to today’s muted aesthetic.

The Focal Pieces

The Helgrim Sofa has gorgeous curved edges.  It reminded me of the Jetson’s, with a ‘futuristic’ feel about it.  It looks comfortable and I think the grey colour is a good neutral base for adding a bright accent colour so common in MCM interior style.

I continue the curved line by added a round coffee table.  Using the colour black brings this style into the Modern era.  The next key focal piece is the Kirk Fabric armchair.  I was attracted to this deep burnt orange colour.  So earthy and inviting.

With these focal pieces the key interior design element which stands out is the line.  Both curved and sharp, angled straight lines.  Which are repeated in the complementary pieces as well.

The Complementary Pieces

Starting with the side tables, I specifically chose the Olivia Round piece for its shape, tapered legs and brass tips.  I think a lot of pieces from the MCM period includes brass tips.  I also love the Lucia table lamps.  They’re simple but their shape is ideal in this buyable inspo board.

To highlight the accent I added more terracotta in both the cushions and the art.  I particularly like the simplicity of the art.  Geometric shapes were all the rage during the height of the MCM interior style.  So, by including geometric shapes in the art and the rug adds authenticity.  The final complementary piece is the macrame throw.

We all know that fashion and trends come full circle and right now I’m seeing a lot of macrame.  I’ve seen it as wall features, and used to hang pot plants.  I thought it was fitting in this retro inspired buyable inspo board.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room with Orange Accent

My Favourite Piece

In this Mid-Century Modern living room mood board with orange accent, my favourite piece is the Olivia Side table.  It’s a small piece packed with features such as the curved lines, tapered legs, brass tips.  I can see a plant on the base of this piece.

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