How to add a pop of colour to your Mid-Century Modern dining room

How to add a pop of colour to your Mid-Century Modern dining room

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My favourite piece is this Mid-Century Modern dining room concept is the tweed placement and the Bolton sideboard. Both because of the textural element they have. To easily and confidently re-create this look you can buy the pieces below.

How to create a Mid-Century Modern dining room

I created a Mid-Century Modern dining furniture set with an olive accent. This period is reknowned for bright colour, so I liked working with an earthy colour.

I chose the Dean Wooden Dining Chair as the starting point for this Mid-Century Modern dining furniture package because is has a Wegner replica feel with the curved back. I chose the colour black because it’s a striking contrast to the natural dining table.

For the dining table a chose the Johansen piece because of the curved edges and the natural appeal of the oak table. It’s extendable so a practical piece for guests.

I love the rug as a focal piece for the accent colour because I think this grounds the dining chair and dining table and cements these two key pieces.

The final focal piece is the Bolton sideboard which I selected due to the rattan doors. A little bit of additional texture for warmth.

The first complementary is a geometric textured canvas print more texture and pattern as geometric shapes are synonymous with Mid-Century Modern interior style.

The final touch is the white pendant light, which I chose again for the curved line and wooden feature.

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