How to get a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

How to get a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – Shop the Look

How to create a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Mid-Century Modern interior design is an enduring style. There are many reasons for Mid-Century Modern style remains so popular. I think it’s because of the slim horizontal line. The use of timber materials, which always adds warmth to a space. Bright colours and interesting geometric shapes. Which is what I’ve tried to capture in this Mid-Century Modern bedroom furniture package.

But ultimately, I think Mid-Century Modern design endures because it’s so nostalgic. For some people this period of furniture and furniture design equates to quality materials and construction.

In this Mid-Century Modern furniture package I have included a classic spindle bed frame and paired that focal piece with classic shaped bedside tables but in a darker wood for interest.

So, to offset all the straight lines I included a curved ceramic bedside table lamp. The use of ceramic this way keeps this furniture package warm and cosy. I’ve added texture in the cushions and abstract shapes in the art.

I love the colour palette of this furniture package. Soft tones of beige and terracotta. I also added some pot plants to bring life into the concept. Plants always add value to any space.

It’s so easy to re-create this style in the 21st century with both new and vintage pieces but this Mid-Century Modern furniture package is a good start.

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