Making a house a home

Making a house a home

This week I went shopping with a client.  Admittedly it’s not something I usually do. But since staring this project in March my client and I have become friends and our homewares shopping trip was more a fun social catch up.  It was also a welcome relief from two weeks in lock down. It as an opportunity to buy items to make a house a home.

We visited two shops in my neighbourhood, a local nursery and an outlet store of Bed, Bath n Table.  Although my client’s sofa hasn’t arrived yet, the key pieces for the bedroom and dining have been installed. So now we need to buy and add the finishing touches that will make my clients house a home.

Personalising your space

I always explain to clients that furniture alone isn’t enough to complete a space.  You need some styling items like décor and accessories to personalise the space, add warmth, depth and interest.  For my client we started with plants.

Simply, plants add life to your space, because they are literally living, breathing organisms.  From an interior design perspective they add shape, pattern, and texture.  I may not know a lot about plants but I know which plants work in my client’s spaces.

We also bought some bedding and décor at Bed, Bath n Table.  The décor was interesting too.  We bought a concrete soap dispenser with a gold accent because the door handles will be gold.  These small, subtle colour connections ensure cohesion and harmony.

My client also spotted a glass bird ornament, they picked up without my advice.  They just saw it, loved it and bought it.  I think that’s excellent.  This is what makes your house a home, those personal touches not directed by your interior designer.

I’m very passionate about empowering my clients to buy pieces and add to their space after we stop working together.  I do this by explaining my selections carefully and how they fit into the big picture.

Pieces with an emotional connection

There are some things that I believe you can’t get wrong.  For example, buying plants you love and art that speaks to you.  Anything you buy that gives you an emotional connection is worth adding to your space.  Key to making it work is repetition, restraint and styling. 

My fundamental ethos is buying pieces with intention and attention, this level of care makes your house feel like a home.  A place people feel welcome and comfortable in, that tells your design story.

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