All the pieces you need for a Luxe living room

All the pieces you need for a Luxe living room

Luxe Living Room – Shop the Look

How to create a Luxe living room

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury, especially in their homes. Which is why I created this Luxe furniture package with grey sofa. While luxury means different things to different people, it’s safe to say that textures such as velvet are key to achieving a Luxe interior style. In this Luxe furniture package the focal piece is a classic grey sophisticated velvet sofa.

As well as the velvet upholstery in this piece, the curved line also contributes to this shop the look luxe aesthetic. I also like the tufted button stitching in the back of the sofa. We also have the vertical stitching in the side chair and a scalloped pattern in the rug.

Gold is also a staple in Luxe spaces. In this furniture pacakge, I’ve included it in the coffee table and the floor lamp. In addition to the gold accent, the marble in the coffee table cements the style in this Luxe furniture package.

I think Luxe interior design, is mostly a feminine style, so I also included in this furniture package a stunning Ted Baker rug. A simple and striking item, that makes a rich statement.

As a finishing touch I included a velvet pink cushion. Just a couple of pieces of stunning decor is all you need to round off this luxe furniture package.

So, click the links to buy the pieces, to easily and confidently re-create this designer look in your own home. A stunning furniture package that will surely impress your guests.

Buying Tips – Colours, product stock and availability vary. If something is out of stock please contact us for an alternative suggestion. Prices change regularly. Check dimensions, warranties, quality and delivery times and charges. Disclaimer – We may receive a commission.

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