Top 6 pieces to a simply fabulous Luxe dining room that will make your home

Top 6 pieces to a simply fabulous Luxe dining room that will make your home

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How to create a Luxe dining room

I think with Luxe interior style material, colour, shape and texture are really important.  These are the interior design elements that ensure people luxuriate in their surrounds.  Pieces that create a luxurious ambience.  Also, I think that what constitutes Luxe can differ for some people depending on their background and experience. So this is a luxe dining room furniture package for people who love blue and velvet.

I wasn’t sure whether to go for a striking base or top for the dining table and then I saw the Cannon dining table with a stunning and solid gold base.  A glass table top isn’t for everyone but what I like about glass table tops is that they are ‘neutral’.  This allows the embellished pieces around it shine.

So, I selected a blue velvet dining chair with curved back and vertical stitching to go around the Cannon dining table.  I think the velvet texture and curved back are key elements that communicate luxe.

Therefore, I kept the rug neutral in colour, again to allow the focal pieces to shine but ensured the material remained luxurious.  It’s felted so there is some texture that adds value to the overal aesthetic.

To add more glam factor I chose a gold and marble drinks trolley. Instead of a sideboard or buffet. The materials, the rectangular shape and specifically the gold colour elevate this piece. 

The pendant light was an interesting choice in this dining room furniture package.  I like how the angled line in the pendant is repeated in the base of the dining table.

Finally I added an abstract piece of art with blue and gold accent just to complete this Luxe dining room furniture package.

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