Top Melbourne kitchen design secrets for Southbank renovation

Top Melbourne kitchen design secrets for Southbank renovation

The key to a successful space is not just how it looks. But also how it feels and works. While addressing the aesthetic update needed in this apartment. Design a kitchen that dealt with key functional problems. Here are the kitchen design secrets for Southbank renovation.

Interior design brief

The client for this Southbank renovation project approached me in February 2023. They are a young couple with plans to get married in October 2023. They wanted the project designed, specified and construction by the time they got back from their honeymoon in November 2023.

As with all interior design projects we started the interior design process with the brief. This is a comprehensive question and answer process. I ask many questions relating to the space. Ranging for functional problems to functional goals.

Of course the interior style goal is also a key topic in this brief stage. As I need to know the client’s style, material, and colour scheme before embarking on the research and design stage of the project.

Kitchen functional problems

The existing kitchen was a 3 x 3 m U shaped kitchen. There were many functional problems the client identified that I had to address in my kitchen design solution.

Key kitchen design problems included;

  • Not enough counter space
  • Sink too small to fit and clean their largest pot
  • Sharp edges on the handles
  • Fridge behind a cabinet door.

Aesthetically this kitchen also needed update from it’s mainly white finish to something that was updated but also reflected both my client’s interior style preferences.

Kitchen design secrets

The first secret I’d like to share to ensure a successful kitchen design is to identify all the functional problems. Above I listed a few but there was also an important goal for this kitchen design project.

A key functional goal was the ability to entertain guests. So keeping the kitchen size a small 3x3m space was not viable. I had to think big.

Another kitchen design secret is to work with the shape and size with the entire space. In an open plan kitchen, dining, living area this means looking at the whole space. Not just the area ‘zoned’ for the kitchen.

By applying this kitchen design secret I found space to double the size of this Southbank kitchen from 3×3 to 6m. Greatly improving the functionality by addressing all the kitchen functional problems.

Kitchen design solutions

The best kitchens don’t just look good. They need to be functional. You might not realise it but the kitchen sets the style tone for the house. It’s the hardest working space and the space most people spend the most time in.

From my experience as an interior designer the top Melbourne kitchen design secrets rely on identifying your functional problems and goals and working with the shape and size of the space for a kitchen layout that works for you and your family now and into the future.

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