The Heart of Interior Design – the Brief

The Heart of Interior Design – the Brief

Last week I had a client meeting.  The project is a home office in Avondale Heights.  I started this project by undertaking an interior design brief in April. Just after the first Melbourne COVID 19 lock down, as people were thrust into working from home.

There were long lead times on a couple of pieces, and in the past two weeks the custom desk arrived, the desk chair and the love seat, so it was time for a visit to inspect the pieces and discuss styling and décor.

The Brief

Back in April when I started the project, I had a brief meeting with the client.  A brief is the foundation of any interior design project.  It’s the information gathering stage that helps me with my design work. 

Absolutely every single project I work on whether it’s hospitality design, accommodation or residential, starts with a brief.  The brief is the beginning of the design process which includes design and concept, implementation, and styling.

interior designer melbourne

During a brief meeting, the client and I will discuss style goal, colour scheme, function, furniture layout, among other things.

For this home office project, the client’s preferred style goal was classic French, so the colour scheme was classic French.  Such as duck egg blue, dark woods such as pecan, beige and ivory, with a pastel pink accent. 

The client even wanted to see how toile could be incorporated in the design.  This excited me because clients very rarely ask for classic French, preferring French Provincial instead.

When we discussed function back in April the client was clear about the ‘working’ aspect of the home office but also wanted a ‘retreat’ space.  With three kids, she wanted a space to have some time out, for reading and browsing.

With this information, and with the measurements of the space, we agreed on a furniture layout and for the ‘time out’ function of the space, I specified a love seat.  A love seat is generally smaller than a sofa.  A super cute piece for Brosa.

interior designer
Love seat from Brosa

Client Feedback

During our meeting last week the client’s feedback was that it was too small, that she wanted a piece large enough to nap on.

At this point I felt like banging my head against a brick wall because I’m really thorough with the interior design brief stage of the design process.

Had my client told me that the function of the time out zone of her home office was reading, browsing AND napping, I would have selected and specified a completely different piece.

I don’t like my client’s to be disappointed in any way.  But my client was perfectly reasonable and understands the interior design brief process, so I had to specify another piece.  Easy done, in no time I found this piece, slightly bigger, which she loves. 

interior design melbourne
Love Sofa, Weathered Oak

When this piece arrives we’ll have another meeting to discuss the finishing touches, complete the project to allow my client to just enjoy her ‘time out’ space.

The interior design brief is the heart of the project and impacts the direction and one change means a review of everything in the space.

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