How to use modern terracotta colours in your home renovation projects

How to use modern terracotta colours in your home renovation projects

I’m currently working on a bathroom specification project in Brunswick and the client has asked for terracotta. I’m not sure yet how I’ll add terracotta colours into the interior design. But while researching for this project I noticed the terracotta colour is making a come back.

Range of terracotta colour

So while I was researching tile options for my client’s bathroom renovation project, I visited my preferred tile supplier, DeFazio Tile and Stone in Brunswick. I spoke with the owner Angela about the concept I was visualising and she produced a vintage terracotta tile from the 1980s.

Admittedly I was surprised to see a vintage tile in demand but Angela went on to explain that enquiries for terracotta colour tiles has increased. And for a unique touch, people are loving a vintage terracotta tile.

I think this colour was what you might call typical of terracotta. But there is a range of terracotta colours. From pink clay, copper brown and red brown.

There are range of finishes too in terracotta coloured tiles from rustic ceramic to glossy porcelain.

When working with clients I need to understand what they mean when they say a particular colour. For example red like an apple. Or green like grass. Having a point of reference helps me understand what the client refers to when they think of a colour.

With my client’s bathroom renovation he said he wanted a classic terracotta pot colour. From this point of reference I found paint colours I might consider using in the bathroom as the terracotta colour element instead of tiles.

Styles that suit terracotta colour

It’s true that some colours suit some interior styles better than other colours. For example blue, is perfect for a coastal style such as Hamptons. I think terracotta works well in earthy, rustic and Modern styles.

For example, in Mid Century Modern styles where earthy colours such as mustard and olive and walnut timber work well, terracotta colours will compliment this colour palette.

In country styles such a French Provincial a terracotta floor or counter top would work really well to add that rustic warm feel.

Terracotta that doesn’t date

In my house we have pink clay terracotta flooring. It certainly dates the house as this type of tile was used a lot in the late 90s. But in the rooms we’ve renovated the pink clay floor blends in.

Here’s an example of my bathroom renovated with a pink clay (terracotta) flooring.

Colour is the one interior design element that can date a space. But I think you can keep a space current with a clear interior design strategy.

An interior design strategy comprises an interior style goal and colour scheme that is cohesive.

Also the terracotta colour tile is available in updated variations such as kit kat and mosaic styles.

Terracotta colours are nostalgic, earthy, and warm. I’m glad to see their renaissance and can’t wait to use this colour in my current bathroom renovation.

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