How to create a classic Scandinavian living room

How to create a classic Scandinavian living room

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How to Create a Scandinavian Style Living Room

Create a classic Scandinavian living room furniture package with a tan sofa, it’s classic because it has all the key features that define this style. For example a slim line. I chose a tan colour rather than a grey or white sofa for this Scandinavian furniture package for its warmth. The colour of the sofa and the straight line clearly mark this piece as modern.

Geometric shapes are also synonymous with Scandinavian style which is why I included a geometric rug in a neutral colour.

A classic Scandinavian colour scheme includes white, beige and grey so I added a white coffee table in this Scandinavian furniture package. Here white is used as the accent colour rather than the primary colour.

Using a round coffee table with oak legs, offsets all the straight lines found in Scandinavian interior style and by adding the line print with curves we have repetition which is important in a space to feel cohesive and harmonious.

The arm chairs are classic in colour and in material. Linen being a staple in Scandinavian interior style because its natural, textural and effortless.

I added texture and therefore warmth through the throw as well. I also repeated the straight line geometric pattern in the beige throw. Finally, the floor lamp, in oak, repeats the material found in the base of the coffee table and the shape. All this pieces show you how to create a classic Scandinavian living room.

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