How to choose window treatments

How to choose window treatments

When I specify window treatments (curtains, blinds etc) I consider at least one of four goals. Key reasons for window treatments include privacy, to filter or block out the light (either sun light or artificial external night light), temperature control or to finish the look of your room. How to choose the best window treatment for your space depends on both function and aesthetics.

Budget for window treatments

Make an allowance for curtains and blinds in your budget don’t treat them as an afterthought. Good quality window treatments are not cheap, not even good quality off the shelf options. So it’s best to have some money set aside for the finishing touch to your space from the outset of your project.

In my experience with clients the cheapest custom curtain for one room was approximately $3000. More recently a client was quoted $30,000 for an entire apartment. But the caveat is that good quality window treatments can last 20 years.

Consider the purpose or goal for your window treatment

What is the number one functional goal of your window treatment? Once you work this out you can move to next step. Which will be to decide between curtain or blind. Some rooms with a low ceiling may not suit curtains. Some rooms may not suit modern blinds, for example a period home. There are some climates that don’t need shutters.

I think it’s important to ensure your window treatments work with the space, the interior design style and serve a functional purpose as well.

Get expert advice

To find the right solution for your space, seek professional advice. There is a craft to window treatments with a few technical aspects. Some technical aspects include how to hang the curtains, how big will the stack back be. How will they open and close, which direction, what heading, the weight of the fabric, lining and so one.

Shop around, there are many shops offering window treatments get at least 3 quotes before making an informed decision.

I was told once that skimping on window treatments is like wearing fake jewellery with a formal designer gown, it doesn’t work. All the effort and expense put into the gown (interior design) is ruined by the sub-standard finishing touch in the fake jewellery (window treatments) I thought this was good analogy.

In my experience I have only once specified an off the shelf option for a client. Most times there is something ‘tricky’ about the room. For example, the window or the ceiling height, that needs special consideration by an expert. Which is why I partner with P & S Drapes for all my window treatment solutions.

I think careful consideration for your space is required as there are many options to choose from when it comes to window treatments. For example the rod’s colour and material, the fabric, to what type of heading you have, eyelet, box pleat etc. There is a craft to curtains and blinds so here are my top tips on how to choose the best window treatments.

Considering these how to choose window treatment tips from the outset rather than afterthought will pay dividends for years to come.

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