Buying furniture when moving out of home

Buying furniture when moving out of home

Moving out of home is so exciting. I couldn’t wait to have my own place with the furniture that I wanted. A place that reflected my own style and personality and not my parents’ questionable taste. It was such a long time ago that I can’t remember where I bought my furniture from. But I do remember my options were limited. So how to you buy furniture for a new place.

Depending on your budget you may head straight to Facebook Marketplace or your local op shop. If you have some money to spend you might go to Ikea or Fantastic Furniture. But this means your space might lack some personality. Creating a place with personality means knowing your preferred interior design style.

Your place your style

Knowing your preferred interior design style is a good place to start when looking to furnish your first place. Many people think they like Boho style which my suit thrift shopping. But if you know your style and the right retailers to shop your style you can achieve a place that better reflects you.

While there are many interior style quizzes, you can also learn what your preferred style is by reading about the different interior styles and viewing images of lots of spaces. When you have pinned or saved a few images you can start to see patterns.

For example, you may have saved inspo pics with a lot of plants, or pieces of furniture with rattan, a particular colour etc. Understanding what you don’t like is as valuable as knowing what you do like.

Choosing a colour scheme

When furnishing your new place, knowing your colour scheme is just as important as knowing your preferred interior style. Luckily there are heaps of online resources that help you come up with a colour scheme.

As a rule of thumb a good colour scheme starts with three colours. You can have more colours in a space but three colours is a good place to start. Think of colours that traditionally work well together such a grey, black and white. As well as red, blue and white. Or taupe, black and white.

Ready to buy furniture

Once you know your preferred interior style and have a colour scheme in mind, it’s time to buy. Start but figuring out your furniture layout first. Where your pieces will be placed to suit the functionality of the space and how you use it.

Take good measurements and try not over fill the space. You may need multifunctional pieces or pieces that have storage options.

Once you’re ready to buy you can visit retailers that sell pieces in your preferred interior style or buy online or check out the designer created furniture packages we have where you can literally shop the look to easily and confidently create a beautiful space.

The Design Basics was created to make design accessible because everyone deserves to live, work and play in a beautiful space. But not everyone can afford to work with an interior designer, so my furniture packages enable people moving out for the first time, to have a place that reflects their taste.

Cover Photo by Michal Balog on Unsplash

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