House Tour – Minimal Scandinavian, St.Kilda East

House Tour – Minimal Scandinavian, St.Kilda East

Client Goal / Problem

My interior design studio Grace Interior Designs, started working on this Minimal Scandinavian interior design project in April 2020. Soon after the first Melbourne COVID lock down started.  Like many of us, our client had started to work from home using a non-ergonomic desk and a dining chair.  Therefore, our client’s problem was physical, simply his neck, shoulders and back were hurting.  His home office was not functional.

The other problem our client had was that his apartment was empty.  Having recently moved in, other than a bed, there was no other furniture in the space.

interior designer melbourne
Home Office – before
interior designer melbourne
Living Room – before

Design Strategy

We usually spend a lot of time at the beginning of a project trying to get inside our client’s heads to understand their style goal and preferred colour scheme.  We use, quizzes, pictures and discussion to get a good understanding so that we can define and confirm our design strategy from the outset.

However, with this client, we were able to work through this step of the design process quickly, because the client knew that they wanted a Minimal Scandinavian style goal.  With a couple of suggestions around colour schemes, with a mustard accent, we were able to move swiftly into the design and concept stage of the process.

interior designer melbourne

Design & Concept

We started the design and concept stage of the interior design process with the living room, as this space is a showcase space.  Our first piece to select was the sofa.  With clarity around the budget we were looking for a grey piece that was around $1500 and we found it with the Scottsdale 3 Seater Sofa.  This piece was the right price and colour and had the added feature of an oak base, as Scandinavian style is famous for light woods such as oak and pine.

Once the sofa was selected the accompanying pieces such as coffee table and bench had the hallmarks of Scandinavian design such as a slim line.  The décor such as the cushions, throw and rug were highly textural to add depth and interest to this minimal space.

Personally, and professionally I love simple but striking pieces.  I love a concept that is brought together with intention and attention to detail such as the pom poms on the throw.

interior designer melbourne
Living Room – after


Similar to the ease with which we determined a interior design strategy at the beginning the process, implementation was fairly straightforward as most items were specified from Zanui and the client was able to buy these independently through our contact, as well as access our trade discount.

There was some assembly prior to installation but luckily our client was confident with this part of the project.  We love it was clients are hands on, because it means they can ‘own’ their space through meaningful contribution and be proud of the finished product.


The last piece of the puzzle for this interior design project, was styling, finding the right décor that complements the space without over-shadowing all the key pieces or compromising the style goal.  Styling for this project focused on art and plants. 

We steered our client in the right direction so they can buy their own pots and helped our client buy art for the first time.  I specifically enjoy facilitating the purchase of art.  Art is so personal and interesting and an ideal way to extend the design story.  To see more pictures of this stunning project click here.

scandinavian interior design
Styling at Entrance

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