How to easily create a Hamptons living room

How to easily create a Hamptons living room

Hamptons Living Room – Shop the Look

How to create a Hamptons living room

Hamptons style in Australia is defined by a blue and white colour scheme. Floral patterns and natural textures are also typical of Australian Hamptons interior style. So, this Hamptons living furniture package is full of these defining characteristics.

As the focal piece, the sofa is classic in shape and colour. The generous proportion in size and the timeless colour are the perfect base for the blue accent and patterns.

The coffee table is square with a glass top and lovely ornamental features around the edge and a rattan shelf making this piece functional as well as beautiful.

I’ve included round side tables for either side of the sofa. The curved line adds a feminine, warm, soft feel to this Hamptons living room furniture package. The floral and blue table lamps are a stunning complementary piece to the overal setting.

To add a coastal feel the navy cushion has a jute border. Materials and textures such as jute and rattan work well in coastal interior styles such as Hamptons.

The art piece is a bright blue seaweed print to cement this coastal style. Which also repeats the floral pattern found in the table lamp and rug. An oriental rug in blue is the perfect way to frame this living room furniture package.

Finally, I’ve include a blue denim linen throw. Draped over the sofa this completes the look achieved in this Hamptons living room furniture package.

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