Hamptons Christmas gift guide 2022

Hamptons Christmas gift guide 2022

This Hamptons Christmas gift guide 2022 is a selection of pieces you may want to gift to the Hamptons lover in your life or actually keep for yourself. The items I’ve chosen are quintessentially Hamptons. Piece that will add an interesting element to gift as a stand alone item or part of a friends’ or loved one’s Hamptons home.

Ginger jar

A ginger jar is a must have in any Hamptons home. Styled on a coffee table, console table or bookcase they’re striking. I think one ginger jar is more than enough. I like feature pieces to stand out. So bearing in mind the rule of three I would style this with other items of simialr but lower height and width, such as a cloche candle holder and another coastal inspire figurine.

Marble door stopper

A door stopper is a great neutral gift. By neutral I mean you can gift this piece to anyone because it would suit most styles. The marble gives this piece a luxe element that makes it special. And I really love the tan leather handles. Which is why it would also work in a Scandi styled home, Luxe, and French Provincial.

Jute decor balls

So what I really liked about these balls is that each as a different twine or pattern. This makes them instantly interesting and gives a space design kudos. These would look fab on a tray on a coffee table or on a three tiered plate stand.

Artificial flowers

For artificial flowers to work they need to be good quality. Otherwise they look cheap and nasty like the ones you buy from a discount shop. This vase with mixed hydrangea and peony is classic Hamptons. This would look great by itself on a tray on a coffee table.

Candle cloche

I like the idea of a candle in a cloche. A cloche is simply elegant. It’s synonymous with class and sophistication. This would look lovely on a dining table and ideal for beautiful Christmas styling either for lunch or dinner.

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