Furniture Package Buying Tips

The Design Basics‘ furniture packages are designed to be easily re-created in your own home. However, each space and is different, so we’ve included these buying tips to ensure your space is a success. Please read these furniture package buying tips first.

1. Check dimensions prior to purchase. Each inspo board has been created with a standard room in mind but room sizes vary and it is best to check dimensions prior to purchasing.

2. When you click a product link, make sure you select the right colour and quantity.

3. To buy more than one product alternate between the supplier site and The Design Basics’ furniture packages, clicking on additional products will automatically add to your existing cart.

4. If a product is out of stock and there is a ‘Notify Me’ function, submit your details to be informed when the item is available again.

5. If a product is no longer available or a product is unlinked, contact us for an alternative suggestion on

6. Check warranties and return policies. The Design Basics can’t be held accountable for faulty items or unwanted pieces.

7. Be mindful of sunlight for certain fabrics and materials such as silk as fading may occur.

8. Check materials of each product and country of manufacture to ensure you’re comfortable with the quality and price.

9. To save money on delivery costs try to order all the pieces you want at one time.

10. For any issues with your pieces or if you’re experiencing delays contact the supplier directly.

11. Some pieces in the furniture packages are included for conceptual purposes only.

12. Read more about each style and how to create it here.

I hope you find these furniture pacakge buying tips helpful. Good luck, have fun, any questions please send us an email. Also, don’t forget to tell your friends about The Design Basics furniture packages.