Feature wall or feature floor

Feature wall or feature floor

A couple of my clients are getting floorboards installed in their apartments this week. One client wants a herringbone pattern. So, what should you have a feature wall or feature floor? Or can you have both? My client with the herringbone pattern floor, also wanted to fill most of his walls with his feature art collection. So done right you can have a feature wall and feature floor, here’s how.

Rules for which surface to feature

As a rule of thumb, I usually advise my clients to have either a feature wall or floor. Not both. There are a couple of reasons for this advice. Firstly, budget and secondly harmony. There is an interior design principle that aims to create a harmonious space.

Creating a harmonious, balanced space relies on careful attention of the seven interior design elements which work together to create cohesion. Cohesion is impacted my how busy or chaotic a space is. If there is a feature wall and a feature floor this could be distracting. Not allowing the end user to settle their eye on a particular feature.

Also, budget plays a role. Depending on how much the client wants to spend they may not have the budget to spend on a feature wall and a feature wall. Which option they choose depends on a couple of things. Whether they have art or the colour they want their walls.

Feature wall ideas

A feature wall is not restricted to a different colour wall. It can be all the walls the same colour but not white. It could be wallpaper and of course there is art. And art can be traditional art or something different such as baskets or a Persian silk rug.

Opting for a feature wall depends on a client’s style goal and any existing art pieces they want to showcase.

Feature floor ideas

A feature floor doesn’t have to be a fixed element such as floorboards or a beautiful tile. A feature floor can be a stunning oversized rug. And if you’re wondering if you can have a rug on a carpet floor as your feature, the answer is yes.

So how do you decide whether to have a feature floor or wall? Your preferred style goal is one way to decide. Your colour scheme is also a consideration when deciding to go for a feature wall or feature floor.

Another factor is budget. What is your budget and if you have a limited budget what do you want to focus on? And then art. Art helps me and my clients decide what to feature, either the floor or wall. You may have some art or you may want to start a collection.

While there is a rule of thumb from an interior design perspective whether to feature walls or floors, rules can be broken. But to get it right extra consideration is needed to elements such as colour and pattern to ensure you end of with a cohesive, harmonious space.

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