3 fail safe tips to style your dining table

3 fail safe tips to style your dining table

Let’s get real, if your dining table is in an open plan area it’s likely being used for all sorts of reasons other than dining. For example, a dump zone, laundry, homework and so on. But you still want your dining table to look good right? So here are some fail safe tips to style your dining table.

Style goal and colour scheme

Firstly, I think it’s important that your dining table styling is cohesive with your overall style goal and colour scheme. For example you would not have a terracotta vase with wild flowers on your dining table if your interior style goal is Luxe.

Instead you might have a brass vase with white roses. These are classic colours, materials and textures that work with a Luxe style goal.

Styling for aesthetic and/or function

I think the next decision to make is whether you want to style your dining table for purely aesthetics or for function.

This could be the difference between having a candle or vase on your dining table versus placemats, serviettes and salt and pepper grinders.

Everyone is different, we have placemats and serviettes but annoyingly not salt and pepper grinders which move from the dining table to the kitchen counter every time we eat.

So have a think about what the purpose is for your dining table styling efforts.

Remember the rule of three

Whether you want to style your dining table for aesthetics or function, the rule of three applies here too.

The rule of three (actually it’s more about odd numbers than just the number three) is that when styling a dining table, coffee table or bookshelves, items work best in a vignette or collection if there is an odd number of them.

But on a dining table, given its size, one or three objects is about right, especially for a rectangular dining table.

Instead of a runner, use a tray to layer your items. But no runner or tray is ok also for your odd number of objects. Personally, I prefer one item to take centre stage on my dining table and this is reflected in how I style my projects for photo shoots.

I think the easiest way and therefore most fail-safe way to style your dining table is with a gorgeous vase with flowers or a sculptural vessel.

Fundamental dining room styling

Your dining table could be in a separate dining room but it’s most likely in an open plan living area. Therefore, what else is in this space and how the walls a treated is also a consideration on how you style or what you put on you dining table.

For example, in this space I designed below, because of the blue treated walls and gorgeous art I kept the styling of the dining table minimal and added an empty wooden bowl. The dining table itself and chairs also informed how I styled this dining table.

The case for keeping things minimal for your dining table style is strong when factoring in actually setting the table for dining. Nobody wants to shift a number of objects just to sit and eat. Hope you find these easy fail safe tips to style a dining table simple enought to apply in your own home.

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