Fail safe Christmas table decorations for a beautiful table

Fail safe Christmas table decorations for a beautiful table

What does Christmas mean to you? For most people food plays a key part in Christmas festivities. So while the food is important serving and eating at a beautiful table is also important. So here are my fail safe Christmas decorations for a beautiful table.


The best place to start with your Christmas table decorations is a standout napkin. Preferably not a paper napkin, unless you’re having a BBQ. But for a sit down Christmas meal around a table, I think linen napkins are a great choice.

Linen is a lux material but also casual. So it’s suits all interior styles. My suggestion for a classic linen napkin this white option from Living Styles.

Napkin rings also elevate your Christmas table but I like the idea of using Christmas ribbon to tie your linen napkins.

In terms of placement, I like the napkin on the plate rather than above the plate or on the table. Because the centre of the table will have other decorations but mostly lots of food.


Another way to add dynamism with your Christmas table decorations is to add foliage. It could be something traditional such as a wreath with a candle in the centre. Candles are lovely for creating a wonderful festive ambience.

Or you could use something else, such a Eucalyptus stems and weave them along the centre of the table, in between candles and dishes of food.


Christmas is the perfect time to set the table in a traditional and formal way. Which is different to how we eat daily, which is mostly very casual and probably very quickly.

Candles and candelabras are perfect for adding that formal feel to your Christmas table decorations. Specifically something with a bit of height.

There are so many modern and classic candle holders but I’m like this glass candle stick holder which is also sculptural.

With this piece you can add height, texture, and shape for an interesting Christmas table décor. You can colour through the candle. With the neutral décor ideas above, the candle can be your favourite colour.

A colour from your existing colour scheme or a traditional Christmas colour such as red, green or gold.

There’s a lot to think about at Christmas. Especially if you’re hosting a Christmas meal. There’s shopping, planning a holiday, and finalising work commitments. So, wherever possible you want an easy solution for maximum impact.

By keeping things simple and neutral my fail safe Christmas table decorations for a beautiful table will ensure you can focus on what’s important this Christmas family, and delicious food.

Wishing you all a restful festive season filled with love, hope and gratitude for living in a peaceful country such as Australia. Christmas is also a time when some of us consider making a donation.

If you are feeling like you want to support a disadvantaged community then you can donate to my Basstris Charitable Fund which supports disadvantaged girls get an education and women experience domestic violence. Thank you in advance.

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