Eclectic living room with gorgeous blue accent

Eclectic living room with gorgeous blue accent

It’s not often that a client of mine will simply like one interior style. Most people like different aspects from different styles. For example they might light the Luxe features of velvet but the slim line of Mid-Century Modern furniture. It’s possible to have a space with pieces from a range of styles as long as some key elements are repeated, for example colour. So I created an Eclectic living room with a blue accent.

The Focal Pieces

I chose the William Grey sofa as the focal piece because it has a Contemporary feel about it. In that the shape is a little different, a little Luxe but the grey colour brings it back down to earth. And makes it a good foundation piece. So in just one piece we have a bit of Luxe and a bit of Scandi.

The winged back arm chairs are the statement piece. Every Eclectic space needs a statement piece. The height of the these chairs, the beautiful colour and the goregous velvet all contribute to making these chairs very striking.

For the coffee table/ottoman, I chose a French Provincial inspired piece with a tufted cushion, upholstered top but an earthy wood base. Similar to the sofa it has some luxe and some earthy elements.

The Complementary Pieces

Eclectic spaces have many influences and sometimes these spaces have pieces from excotic far away places. This adds interest and intrigue and is the reason why I added an oriental rug. The reptition of the colours blue, pink and grey ensure this pieces works.

Some more earthiness is added through the wooden side tables. Their base is quite ornate which elevates this piece. I quite like the luxe aspect of the table lamps, the gold base is stunning. Then I chose some highly textural pink cushions and a unique fan shaped, beaded mirror.

Eclectic Living Room Buyable Inspo Board

My Favourite Piece

How can you not love the winged back arm chairs, definitely these are my favourite pieces in this Eclectic living room with blue accent. A gorgeous buyable inspo board.

To re-create this look in your own home click the links below to purchase the pieces.

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