Discover the best of Mid-Century Modern style

Discover the best of Mid-Century Modern style

So often with my clients the reason they initially call me is so that they can create a home that truly reflects their life and ‘loves’.  Their ‘loves’ can range from plants, to books, to art.  For this client her love was to discover the best of Mid-Century Modern style.

My clients find themselves in a position where, out of necessity, they have collected and bought a mish mash of furniture and collectables. And now they want to refine their aesthetic.

This was certainly the case with my client in East Brunswick. As she had a combo of Ikea furniture and hand me downs.  Pieces that didn’t reflect her true interior style. 

Defining a style and colour scheme

When I first spoke to my client, she said she wanted a ‘streamlined’ Mid-Century Modern (MCM) style.  This was curious to me and after our first meeting I understood her idea. I realised that, although my client loved Mid-Century Modern, she also loved aspects of Luxe style. The reason for this is because my client’s first passion is fashion and beauty.

So, I had to find a way to combine these two sides of her character. While incorporating her collectibles from her travels and love of music.  With the style goal defined as a mix of MCM and Luxe, we also locked in a colour scheme of earthy mustard, teal and gold accents, with a foundation of warm woods.

Bedroom furniture

The first step of this Mid-Century Modern house tour, began researching for MCM bedroom furniture. I predominantly found beds made from timber.  This was not my initial idea for the focal piece in the bedroom.  Initially, I wanted an upholstered bedhead which is more feminine but didn’t really communicate an MCM vibe. 

Reluctantly, I changed tact and started researching for a suitable timber bedhead.  Then I would introduce the Luxe aspects into the bedroom in other ways such as the gold and teal accent.  The key pieces in the bedroom ended up being a beautifully crafted Mark Tuckey slated bedhead, which is available from Adairs and dark timber bedsides from West Elm.

The key features of both these pieces being a horizontal line which is synonymous with MCM interior style.  With the bedsides, both the tapered legs, and the brass handles were ideal in communicating MCM and Luxe styles.  Then I found a bedside table lamp with a brass bass from Zanui and teal linen bedding from Bed Threads, further accentuating both a luxurious and a MCM bedroom for my client.

Open plan living room furniture

Moving into the open plan living area and working with an existing cow hide rug, I quickly selected the mustard sofa from Zanui.  It ticked all the right style and colour boxes.  From Castlery I found a very interesting, curved coffee table with an elevated featured.  I liked the curve line for its femininity and softness.

The reason for selecting the TV unit (also from Castlery) was due to the dark timber and the vertical slated sliding door, which mirrored the slated feature in the bedhead.  The dining table (Zanui) has a slightly curved edge to repeat that line and make sense of the coffee table.  The final two pieces in the dining zone both were both from Castlery included mustard coloured upholstered dining chairs and a side board with brass handles.

Styling the balcony was also part of my scope of work and I found pieces that were mostly MCM inspired. My client wanted a lot of plants, to create an oasis for her client’s inner city pad as well as extending her living area.

When I went back to my client’s apartment for the photoshoot for this Mid-Century Modern house tour, I was so happy to see her proudly comfortable, and enjoying her balcony and confidently adding new pieces, such as plants to her place.  For me this is what’s it’s all about, telling my client’s stories through interior design and seeing them enjoying their home.

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