How to create a space that feels unique on a budget

How to create a space that feels unique on a budget

On one of my Barcelona walks I went past a restaurant that had branches hanging upside down from the ceiling. This was an interesting interpretation of a vertical garden. I liked that it wasn’t fake. It felt considered and therefore unique but it was also budget friendly. So how do you create a space that feels unique on a budget?

Real and natural pieces

Thinking of the restaurant example above, as an interior designer I’m certain the upside-down branches were selected to be in line with the restaurant’s brand and aesthetic vision. It was considered.

So for you at home consider what your preferred interior style is and how best to create this without artificial pieces. For example, avoid using homewares made from plastic.

This means using real plants not fake ones. If you can’t keep real plants but want the vibe of plant life in your space think about dried flowers.

For textures such as your throw or cushion use naturals like cotton, linen or wool. Rather than polyester. This may mean not shopping at budget retailers such as Spotlight and Kmart but that’s ok. By avoiding these retailers you heighten the uniqueness of your space.

Individuality versus trends

Another way to create an individual feel on a budget is to create a space that reflects your personal interior style preferences rather than going with trends.

Trends are created by retailers and suppliers to sell. But the latest trend may not be a good individual choice for your specific interior style preferences.

If you can’t work with an interior designer to define your style, you can work this out by looking at a lot of inspo pics. Look at lots of pictures of spaces you like and don’t like and ask yourself why and make a list.

After you’ve looked at a lot of spaces you will start to notice patterns in your preferences. For example you might light geometric shapes. Focus on these preferences when selecting pieces for your own space.

As you get more confident you can select pieces that have a little twist to help individualise or personalise your space even more.

I think if you label your interior style, you will find it easier to create a space that feels unique on a budget, because you can be discerning in curating your space.

Set your budget

For me in my studio interior design work, budget doesn’t mean cheap. It just means what’s your budget. How much do you want to spend on furniture and furnishings?

By setting your own budget and by waiting to buy the right piece at the right price you will work towards creating a unique space rather than a space filled with the same pieces everyone has from Ikea and Kmart.

While these retailers have their role, mass produced pieces don’t aide in the creation of a unique space. Being selective to find the right pieces, from a variety of suppliers at both ends of your budget is what will help you create a unique space on a budget.

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