Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology

Recently, I wrote about how to choose and apply colour.  How to choose the right colour to paint walls is one of the biggest challenges for clients.  How to select an overall colour scheme is also a big challenge.  Primarily because colour psychology whether conscious or unconscious is a factor in your decision making.

I think one of the reasons choosing colour is such a sticking point for people is the sheer volume of colour options but also and probably more significant is the impact colour has on our moods.

There are many studies documenting the impact colour has on people and how they’re feeling, so I thought I would share a basic run down of colour psychology with you.

Simple colour psychology

BROWN – inviting and earthy, grounding

PINK – soothing (think babies’ rooms), peaceful

PURPLE – spiritual and regal

BLACK – confrontational, absorbs energy, moody, dramatic, glamorous

GREY – neutral with good potential, use with blues for relaxed feel, with blacks for sophisticated feel

WHITE – uplifting, non competitive, can add energy and works well with other colours.

RED – exciting, full of energy, increases your heart beat

YELLOW – happy, bright but it can be irritating ie in your face

ORANGE – warm and inspires creativity, people feel more expressive around orange.

GREEN – decompress and relax

BLUE – calming and peaceful

Colour is so impactful, marketing professionals also use it strategically to drive sales.  So for your home it’s important to take your time in selecting the right colour or colour scheme because it’s likely to have long lasting affects that you may not be aware of.

A key principle of interior design is balance and harmony.  Simply this means the space feels right.  If a space feels right differs for everyone but in your own home if things don’t feel right, reassess your colour or colour scheme and make some adjustments.

The other important consideration with colour is light.  So you may have the right colour but the lighting is all wrong.  Both artificial and natural light play a crucial role whether a space feels right.

With colour psychology, your gut instincts are usually a good guide in helping you select the right colour for you and your space.

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