Simple yet a stunning Hamptons dining room in your own home

Simple yet a stunning Hamptons dining room in your own home

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How to create a Hamptons dining room

The appeal of Hamptons interior style is in the proportions of the furniture. The furniture is large, generous and comfortable. The furniture in this classic Hamptons dining room furniture package fits this description perfectly. Especially, the dining table.

The dining table is elegant with a beautiful and traditional base for Hamptons dining rooms. It’s the kind of piece you have a for a long time. The dining table in this furniture package makes a statement. It’s worthy of being the focal piece of your dining room.

Accompanying, the striking dining table we have cross back dining chairs. In my post about dining chairs for your interior style, I talk about how one design feature in a piece of furniture can communicate an interior style. The cross back is in the dining chair which certainly communicates Hamptons.

The next stunning piece, is the sideboard. I love the sideboard, for it’s timelessness. This piece is important for storing formal crockery and styling the top with ginger jars.

Because we the added the colour black in the handles on the sideboard, I repeated this colour with a beautiful, cage like, pendant light. As well as a black wall clock.

And finally, to define the dining zone I have included a classic blue and white orienal style rug. All these pieces together deliver a stunning Hamptons dining furniture package for your home.

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