Classic Coastal Hamptons

Classic Coastal Hamptons

Summer is my inspiration for this classic coastal Hamptons style living room.  Everything about this inspo board is classic Hamptons interior style, for example, the blue and white colour scheme. 

The Focal Pieces

Proportions are key in Hamptons interior design, which is why I included the Joshua sofa, it is large, comfortable and generous.

Contradicting this classic interior design style, are more relaxed coastal aspects, such as almost shabby chic coffee table with a rattan shelf, which can also be used in a French styled living room.

The Complementary Pieces

I especially love the Eldon Table Lamps with a hint of Art Deco.  Hamptons is a classic coastal style.  It is sophisticated and elegant.  So, these classically style table lamps with an art déco pattern work really well this inspo board.

Then we add another more relaxed item, such as the denim linen throw. Although linen is relaxed, natural material, it also classic especially in navy, so it works well here.

Stripes are another key aspect of Hamptons style, especially navy stripes, as they pick up on the nautical theme in a subtle way.

The foundation of this classic coastal interior style is a blue oriental style rug.  Another natural material which underlies this style and works well with the other natural textures and materials.

Notice the frame of the art which emulates the shape of cane. And the rattan in the arm chairs, it’s a subtle feature but together with rattan of the coffee table, extends the natural coastal vibe.

You could easily add beach theme décor in your own home such as a rope or seashells, candles or lanterns would really add value to this Hamptons styled living room.  To take it up a notch, add a gold accent throughout your décor.

My Key Pieces

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