Christmas Interior Decorations

Christmas Interior Decorations

In all the years I was living in London I remember getting a Christmas tree just once. 

It was the first year I was living in my new flat. I had just moved in in October and the flat was bear with very little in the way of furniture. 

I wasn’t going to put up any decorations, after all it was just me in the flat and I wasn’t having any guests over. But I relented when I saw this cute little crab apple Christmas tree in a pot. 

Different types of Christmas trees

The crab apples were bright red and glossy and looked beautiful hanging from the green foliage.  There was fake white snow sprinkled on the branches, it was very ‘white Christmas’ and gave me the Christmas spirit.

That little crab apple Christmas tree made me realise that if you could find decorations that suit your interior style, your favourite colours and your home it would make Christmas decorating more meaningful, rather than a tokenistic exercise.

Christmas decorations that reflect you

Before rushing out to buy a tree, decorations, tinsel and lights, have a think about what your interior style is and your colour scheme.  Then you can invest in gorgeous quality decorations you will have a long time. Decorations that can become treasured family trinkets.

For example, my favourite colours are black, white and grey, one year I bought black ribbon with white Christmas trees to tie by gifts that I wrapped in brown paper.  Brown paper packages are so nostalgic and suits Christmas perfectly.

I also definitely prefer decorations from natural materials such as wood, glass or dried foliage.  Even food, like my little crab apple Christmas tree can make unique decorations. 

Timber crafted St Nick ornament

A perfect place to find unique Christmas decorations is Etsy.  You can also find personalised Christmas decorations on Etsy which elevates the specialness of Christmas even more.

Definitely the spirit of Christmas is found with children, and plenty of gifts under the tree and lots of decorations, so finding a way to make your Christmas interior decorations unique to you will certainly set the scene for a memorable Christmas for years to come.

Merry Christmas and a Joyous 2021.

Cover Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

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