All I want for Christmas…

All I want for Christmas…

Christmas gift giving, Christmas in general, is a weird time of the year. It means something different for everyone. For some one people it is a holy event in the calendar year and observe Christian traditions.

For others it’s a time to reunite with family. Especially this year, given many of us have spent a lot of time alone in lock down and apart.

Many people view Christmas as the end of the year with a mad rush to finish work or home projects in the nick of time.

But one thing’s for sure, everyone I’m speaking to at the moment is busy. When I’m busy I think about how I can treat myself when things ‘calm’ down or when a project finishes.

So, while I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping I’ve been thinking about how I would treat myself.

For me Christmas gift giving is about finding something special. Sometimes the gifts are thoughtful, handmade or expensive but somehow they’re special. For example, I bought my mum a gift voucher for Crown.

Mum can use her Crown gift card to book a night’s accommodation or for a spa treatment, this is a special gift because it’s not something she would buy herself. She can also use this to have high tea in the Conservatory.

But the question is how would I treat myself this Christmas, here are the ‘special’ things I love and consider a treat, which incidentally make perfect gifts.

Special Christmas Gift 1

Bedding that is 100% linen. I think that this is such a luxury and I love the bed sets and linen products such as placemats that Bed Threads sell. I’ve already got three sets and now I want a fourth, the oatmeal bed set.

I reckon once I get this fourth set and I can truly mix and match my bedding and get rid of my old cotton quilt covers, pillow cases, fitted sheets etc.

Special Christmas Gift 2

Ceramics are so special. From my interior design perspective they’re earthy, warm, sculptural and colourful. They’re also practical for styling both empty and filled with foliage or fresh cut flowers.

Even better is a gift box with a locally handmade ceramic piece like these from Hunter and the Fox. It’s great supporting local businesses and I think a unique, beautifully presented gift like this will be very well received.

Special Christmas Gift 3

Stationery makes a great gift. Well, I think it does anyway. I love having beautiful cards, note cards and note paper on hand. I recently bought personalised note cards for a friend who loves cats and I think she’s going to love them.

Special Christmas Gift 4

I always treat myself with chocolate. Chocolate is indulgent and delicious. It feels naughty and nice at the same time. So I think a beautiful, hand crafted chocolate box will also go down a treat.

The gifts you give don’t have to be expensive, with just a little thought, you can find artisanal gifts that are unique and will make the recipient of your gift feel extra special. Isn’t that what Christmas gift giving is all about?

All the best for a wonderful festive season 2021

Cover Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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