How to Choose a Colour Scheme – a designer’s tips

How to Choose a Colour Scheme – a designer’s tips

In this post I want to share effective ways of choosing a colour scheme or colour palette for your home. Then next week I will share more tips on how to apply the colour scheme you’ve selected.

What is a Design Strategy?

One of the very first things I do when I begin working with clients is to understand their interior style goal and colour preferences.  Making these two decisions at the beginning of the project helps set the direction and decide on specifications. This is a design strategy and an important first step.

Colour Inspiration

I love the colour scheme is black, white, grey.  My favourite colour or shade is black.  My bed is black, 90% of my wardrobe is black and even my dog is black. 

So, your favourite colour is a good place to start when choosing a colour scheme for your home.

It doesn’t matter for example that your favourite colours may not be traditional to a particular style.  That is, you can still have a Coastal style such as Hamptons if you like black or purple.  Any style has many defining elements that characterise it and colour is just one.

Typical Colour Combos

Another way to select a colour scheme is to define your style.  As mentioned above, interior styles lend themselves to particular colours.  Scandinavian to neutral colours such grey and white. Industrial styles to black and browns.  So, if you know what style you like you can easily Google ‘colour scheme for Scandinavian living room’ and see what comes up?

Colour from Your Existing Pieces

If you have existing pieces that you want to keep you can also use these pieces to establish a colour scheme.  For example, for a client I’m working with at the moment their existing colours are beige, brown with some pink, gold, red and lots of timber. 

My clients have a chrome floor lamp and brass pendants, their colour scheme is lacking cohesion but beige/brown is the predominant colour. So event though the client expressed interested in grey, they understood that with their existing pieces, that a neutral colour scheme of beige and white with a gold accent, made more sense.

To summarise there a three key ways to select a colour scheme. Firslty, by using your favourite colours. Secondly, by using the colours that lend themselves well to your chosen interior style goal. And finally by reviewing your existing pieces.

But, if you’re really stuck then working with an interior designer can be really invaluable. Their kowledge of colour will help you establish a design strategy comprising of your preferred style goal and colour scheme. 

In case you’re interested in what this type of service costs, I charge $550.00. And work with clients online via Zoom and email.  However, try all the resources available online first.

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