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Choosing the right grey wall paint colour

I’m a big fan of walls that are not white.  Not just feature walls but all the walls in a room. I have worked with clients who wanted to explore this option with amazing results. […]

Feature wall or feature floor

A couple of my clients are getting floorboards installed in their apartments this week. One client wants a herringbone pattern. So, what should you have a feature wall or feature floor? Or can you have […]

Do you have a time and money contingency for your renovation project?

Recently I had a call with a frustrated and upset hospitality design client. The furniture they ordered hadn’t arrived and the furniture supplier wasn’t reachable. They were right to complain. I was doing everything I […]

Renovation budget ideas, hacks and DIY

There are many people who are looking for budget solutions, hacks and want to DIY to save money. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. For example, a client I’m working with at the moment […]

Homewares create a sense of home

I recently watched an interview of young people about the upcoming federal election. Of course home ownership was discussed. So it got me thinking about what is home and can you get the feeling of […]

Furniture Buying Tips

Buying furniture is one of the hardest decisions you can make for your home. To buy the right piece of furniture, whether it’s a sofa or a dining chair requires some thought. That’s one of […]

Choosing plants for your interior

I’m currently reading Phosphorescence by Julia Baird, which is the 2021Australian book of the year. In one section it talks about the importance of nature, particularly the colour green. How patients in hospitals heal faster […]

Apartment interior design tips 

 I’ve had a few clients over the years that live in apartments. Both renters and owner occupiers. After living in London for a few years I’m familiar with living in small spaces and how to […]

Simple interior design layering tips – an interior designer’s guide

This week I had a photoshoot for an apartment interior styling project I completed late last year. The client’s style goal could be defined as a bright boho style. But her style was rooted in […]

Best placement for your bed

I recently checked in with an ensuite bathroom specification client to see how the project is progressing. In talking about the ensuite we also discussed the adjacent master bedroom. Specifically, the placement of the bed. […]